A diversified world of brands

Discover the diversity of our own brands and the brands we represent in Switzerland. All brands and their products are available from our CH warehouse. Would you like to learn more about our product range or a specific brand? Then please contact us.

54 Celsius creates candles that are so captivating that they steal everyone’s show. The range consists of two collections: “Pyropets”, animal candles that reveal metal skeletons as they melt, and “Secret Message Candles”.

Bees Wrap®: The natural alternative to plastic wrap for food storage. Keep food fresher longer with the reusable, compostable food wraps!

bbb la brosse is the unique toilet brush 100% made in France from sustainable natural materials with innovative design & function.

All the ingredients are known, yet the combinations are fresh from the kitchen. We present you with CandleCan – a new hit on your candle menu.

Unique Hand Gesture candles. Surprise your friends with this funny and shocking gift. 100% handmade candles.

The California-based brand ECOLunchboxes produces plastic-free and reusable lunchboxes made of stainless steel and silicone. Healthy for people, healthy for the planet.

With their modern and trendy designs, Happy Lamp products are the absolute viewers in every room. Happy Lamp is a private label of Connectrade.

Lex Pott works as an artist and designer in Rotterdam. The “Twist Candle by Lex Pott” plays with the flexibility of wax. Candles usually need a holder – the Twist Candle combines candle with holder and lets them merge into one object with two candle ends.

Natidiv baby bottles keep pace with the growth of the child and have an anti-slump and anti-colic system. All the parts fit together the best way they can, according to the baby’s age and needs.

The puzzles from The Play Group delight young and old thanks to their unique, excellent designs. These puzzles are not only fun, but also look beautiful.

A candle requires a candleholder, which in turn requires a candle. The unique Tallow Candle unites the two objects, merging them into one inseparable unit.

Privacy gadgets for 100% privacy protection! Designed & Made in Germany. Privise is Germany’s leading provider of high quality privacy product solutions. Privise offers premium products for privacy and data security.

The German brand Specter & Cup is a manufacturer of high quality copper mugs. The copper mugs and chic bar sets are handmade and give every drink something special!

New at Connectrade: The English product designer & manufacturer Thumbs Up with over 300 products of various subbrands. Discover popular items like retro gaming consoles, playful mugs, stylish bar accessories and much more.


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