A gourmet candle

It’s not your ordinary plain toast of a candle. No, sir, CandleCan is a true burning delicacy, humbly served in a simple can. It’s made from natural vegetable wax, spiced with subtle scents, handmade with chef-like care and packed for a five-star experience. CandleCan wanted to create a product that would wow you and whet your appetite at the same time – so here it is. A new hit on your candle menu!

Every candle is handmade by skilled candle makers in Lithuania. CandleCan employs a local small community and pride themselves on being a top employer in the area. This candle is not just an eye pleaser. It’s also kind to you, your health, your home environment and planet. That wow moment when you open it. You wish you could eat, but please don’t. Indulge in aromas. Don’t limit yourself to the kitchen, bring CandleCan into your bedroom or bathroom! This candle burns for many hours. Use the lid as a candle holder and put it on to keep the scent inside the can as long as possible.

Candle Can at Connectrade

Connectrade is the official Swiss distributor of Candle Can. All products are available from our Swiss warehouse and at competitive prices for stationary retailers and e-commerce.  Are you interested? We look forward to hearing from you!

Visit the manufacturer website: candlecan.com/


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