Hand gesture candles

Candle Hand is a young start-up from Lithuania. The team produces unique, expressive candles with hand gestures in 100% handwork – from the “Peace”-sign, to “Rock it” and even the middle finger, there is something for everyone. Each candle is an exact replication of a real hand, the richness of detail is immense. The candles are solid, weigh about 400 grams and are life-size. The burning time is about 20 hours.

Each candle is delivered in an exceptionally attractive gift box, where it is well protected. The candles are available in 7 different gestures with 6 colours each.

Candle Hand at Connectrade

Connectrade is the official Swiss distributor of Candle Hand since 2019. All products are available from our Swiss warehouse and at competitive prices for stationary retailers and e-commerce.  Are you interested? We look forward to hearing from you!

Download the catalog: Candle Hand catalog
Visit the manufacturer’s website: candlehand.com/


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